Design, Test & Development for Mobile & Web

We use the latest tools and processes inherited from Silicon Valley

Software Development

Implementation is the process of prioritising, developing and testing the key features necessary to meet the requirements for each release. We specialises in both Front End & Back End development so we can build (and launch) the app of your dreams! 

  • Front End Technologies: Swift (iOS), Kotlin (Android), Flutter, React Native, HTML/ CSS, Angular, Node.js. JavaScript (JS)
  • Back End Technologies: GoLang, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, .NET, React, Node.js
  • Quality & Testing Services: Unit & Automation Testing, Code Review, Performance Testing, Security & Penetration Testing, Load Testing
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UI/UX Design

Steve Jobs once said “Design is not just about what it looks like and feels, Design is how it works”.  We know that creating world class digital services requires an obsession with putting the user at the centre of our design process. To achieve this we offer a number of services:
  • UI: Style Guides, Micro-Interaction Design, Low Fidelity & High Fidelity Assets, Flow Orientated Wireframes, Moodboard, Interactive Prototypes
  • UX: User Research & Analysis, User Testing (Qualitative & Quantitative), User Journey Mapping & Flow, Persona Development, UX Copywriting,
  • Our Design Tools: Figma, Overflow, Zeplin, Sketch, Invision, Maze
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Design Sprint

Design Sprint is the process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing solutions with real users so we can validate our ideas before we invest further implementing

  • All our facilitators are Trained & Certified by Jake Knapp, the original founder of the Design Sprint process with our friends at AJ&Smart.
  • In just 5 days we undertake a structured process to Map & Understand, Sketch, Decide, Prototype and Test your product with real users

  • Key deliverables include Competitive Benchmarking, Mind Mapping Solutions, Low Fidelity Wireframing & Interactive Prototyping
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